Art for Other’s Sake, Dance Troup Does Good for the Community

Art for art’s sake is the Modernist rallying cry one artist group in Belize is changing that by making art for other’s sake.  Dancehall Master’s Association or DMA have organized with the community to re-paint a basket ball court located behind Saint Martin de Porres Church and Vernon Street in Belize City. The idea is simple refurbish the court and give the community a place to play. This is a big deal for a city plagued by violence.

“We  want to promote peace in the neighbourhoods. This show is called “Nothing But Love Third World” …People from the neighbourhood, areto bring out their food and we gonna have a little bar, soft drinks, hard drinks for sale and we gonna have security, we gonna have the police.  We are trying to uplift neighbourhoods. If the neighbourhoods are uplifted then crimes will deter. People will go to sports rather than loitering and thinking mischief. If the basketball court is there, they will play ball. If the football field is there they will play ball. But if you don’t have a  field, no outlet for the youths then all they will do is hang on the corner and hate on each other. So all we are trying to say is that we need more sports, we need more entertainment.”

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